ARC-R: Sand, wood and hoops

The Beach
This is the first of a series where we reveal the inspiration behind the design. First up are the ARC-R LO + and MID + in the Cali beach color way. Traveling the globe in search of inspiration, our first go around took us to the beaches of California.
We started our journey at Carmel beach, known for it’s white sand beach. The color and texture is reflected in the off-white suede.
While at the beach, it’s hard to miss the wooden lifeguard towers. In comparison to today's towers, the pre-millennial wooden towers also came in white.  It’s that smooth wood painted white that is reflected in the smooth off-white leather.
For the accents, we went on over to Venice Beach, known for it’s open-air gym and basketball court.
This particular court garnered international fame courtesy of the 90’s sneaker cult classic movie “white men can’t jump” in which Wesley Snipes hilariously portrays one of the main characters (Sidney Dean).
In one scene, Sidney sports an eye-catching tracksuit jacket. It’s this exact jacket that sparked the idea for the teal and coral color blocking for the accents.
The sports theme is continued with the use of the mesh material on the outside and the microfiber lining on the inside. The lining is more “sport” because the absorption capabilities are much more than that of any kind of leather.
We finished it off with a foam anti-bacterial insole for comfort and hygiene.
All materials are sourced and manufactured in Europe.
If you already picked up a pair of these ARC-R’s or if you’re planning to do so, you now have a good story to tell when someone compliments you on your Jettsons.



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