Bits and bytes...

While going through more pages of our favorite magazines, we came across probably one of the most significant developments during the 80's.
The introduction of the Personal Computer. 
One thing that comes to mind when talking about the 80’s, are the advances that were made in the digital realm of computing. Making computers available to the general public. However having a personal computer ( yes that is what “PC” stands for) at home was not common in the early 80’s, but that was all about to change.
The personal computer that was most reminiscent of those years of computer evolution has to be the Commodore 64. Although one of the most recognizable features of the design was the beige/brown exterior, we found the blue start-up screen that appeared when wanting to load and run a program on the C64 to be very typical for the C64. We used that as an inspiration for this blue colorway of the ARC-R: Micro.
As we turn the final page on this week's story, hold on to your chopsticks for the next stories, as we take a trip to the land of the rising sun...
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