Running the 80's..

The 80's, an era full of computers, space travel, and sport material developments.
Our “true to classic sports” style of the ARC-R.
With this style, we make a nod to materials used on running shoes from the 80’s. The felt material is very typical for that era of running shoes. We wanted to create a look that you can wear casual but also to the gym. As we are a sports influenced brand it’s only fitting to bring our interpretation of an authentic sports style shoe.
All materials are premium and made in Europe. like the Cordura mesh, sole, and microsuede from Italy, the antibacterials insole and lining from Spain. All are assembled by hand and with care in Portugal.


The initial inspiration for the ARC-R Micro series colors comes from news items from the 80's.
Those news items were brought to the public through all kinds of different kinds of media.
For us, there were two magazines that stood out and that is probably due to the red accentuation on the covers of both magazines.
Unfortunately, the color shown below got "lost in production" and thus it didn't make the cut, but we still wanted to show you what we had planned (and perhaps they might just pop-up during a sample sale, you never know)
As the cover gives a hint to the next story.
We'll continue the story on colors in the next blog post, which will be up soon!