Space racing...

As we read through our favorite news magazines from times gone by, we bump into our next item on the Color inspiration for the ARC-R Micro.
Our fascination with aviation always finds a way to end up in our designs. We talked previously about the TU-144 (the Russian answer to the British/French: Concord), well they were also competing on a higher altitude.
Because we used more technical material on the ARC-R: Micro, it was only fitting to look at the more technical part of “aviation” that was going on in the 80’s. That was found in the Space race.
 We all know the Spaceshuttle program developed by NASA and to keep up with the competition the USSR had a similar program going on that was called BURAN.
Both programs had similar goals, to enter the outer limits of the earth's atmosphere and enter the great black void called: space.
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