Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Series
With the ARC-R: Off-White on foot we took a journey through Tokyo, Passing by iconic structures and parks, stopping for sushi and prepping ink.
The Tower
When looking at Tokyo from afar, it’s hard to mis the 333m high Tokyo tower. It’s not because of it’s height, but mostly due to its color.
The tower's colors are "International Orange" and “white". It is decided by aviation law that buildings over a certain height must use these colors to be visible. However, the tower needs to be repainted every 5 years to maintain its vibrant color.
The Tower is an icon in the Tokyo skyline and as the colors are linked to aviation. We thought it’s only fitting to translate this to a shoe. A shoe that stands out. Opting for a soft napa leather for the orange part of the upper, as this has the characteristic to fade over time giving extra character to the material , just as the paint of the tower does.
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