What size ?

We thought it was a good idea to explain the sizing of our shoes better, so you'll get te best fit.


We have 2 way to determine your size in Jettson shoes, the estimated option or the more accurate option:


The estimated option:

Comparing your current size you wear in shoes made by the big sportsbrands

(those shoes with a swoosh on the side or a few stripes on the side)


ARC: Go for the same size as those other brands


ARC-R Womens: Go up to the next full size

(example: your "air" shoes size are 37 or 37.5, go to jettson 38)


ARC-R Mens: Go down to the next full size 

(example: your "air" shoes size are 44 or 44.5, go to jettson 43)



The more accurate option:


Below you'll see an overview translating our sizes for the ARC and ARC-R to CM (centimeters)

Here is what you need to do:

1- Grab a shoe that has the best fit of all the shoes you currently have

2- Take out the insole

3- Lay the insole down on the floor and then move the front against the wall

4- Grab a measuring tool and measure the insole front to back

5- Don't flatten the insole by pushing hard on it with your measuring tool

6- Compare the measurement to the CM in our overview

7- Go for the size that is closest to your measurement. Go up in size for a more spacious fit or go down for a more snug fit. 



You are looking for the ARC

Insole measurement is 27,3

The next best measurement going up is 27,8 which translates to a size 42

You found your size



Hope this answers your questions.